Gillian Woodward, Garrett Nicholson, Kate Head, Drew Carter, Drew Pearson, James Ondracek, Mohammad Saeed, Adesuwa Erude, Karli Peterson, Andy Bertsch


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to conduct an in-depth analysis of Peloton Interactive, Inc. as well as to evaluate how the corporate resources and capabilities are strategized to gain and maintain a competitive position in the exercise and health industries. Design/Methodology/Approach: The Porter Five Forces model was used for analyzing the competitive landscape of the industry. Both external as well as internal environments were assessed, and value chain analysis was conducted for identifying strategically important resources and capabilities that Peloton controls. Findings: Based on an in-depth analysis, recommendations are made to support Peloton’s future presence in the exercise and health industries. Research Limitation: Further research may be conducted to generalize findings beyond the current parameters of this study. Managerial Implications: The study features Peloton and its endeavors to strategize its corporate resources and capabilities in the best interest of its stakeholders. Originality/Value: This case study is suitable for undergraduate and graduate business students to apply critical thinking, strategic planning tools, and decision-making skills. It features the company’s quest for relevance and competitiveness.


PESTLE, SWOT, Five Forces, Competitive Analysis, Market Analysis, Value Chain Analysis

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